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Access Control Systems

Installation | Maintenance | Repairs

Discount Locksmith provides professional building access control system installation and maintenance. We can install keyless door access systems, keypad and card reader locks, magnetic door locks, push to exit buttons and more. Call us to day for a security consultation and schedule service.

keyless door lock

Keyless Entry

You can set up and manage your security on a single system or, depending on the type of system you choose, access your system from any web-enabled device (computer, smart phone, tablet), and the system can be programmed remotely allowing you to view reports, set notifications and add/delete users in real-time.

Contact Discount Locksmith today to find out what system is best for your business!

automatic door opener

Automatic Door Openers

Looking to have automatic door openers installed for your business? Discount Locksmith technicians are available day & night to offer their commercial locksmith services to install ADA compliant automatic door openers whether they be low energy, high energy and power assisted. In addition to installation, we can also diagnose and repair automatic door operators that are broken or having issues.

magnetic door lock

Magnetic Lock Systems

Have you considered having electromagnetic locks, or maglocks installed for your business access control system? Maglock's are a great fail-safe option in being quick to install and being very low maintenance as there's not many moving parts. Basically you have electromagnet and an armature plate that become magnetically attracted when powered to create the locking action with a holding force anywhere between 600 to 3,000 pounds which matches your conventional door locks.

push to exit door opener button

Push to Exit Buttons

Looking to have push to exit buttons installed on your commercial, residential, or industrial doors? Discount Locksmith technicians are available day & night to offer their services to install push to exit buttons for your gates, fire doors, entry, or anywhere you can install an access control system. In addition to installation, we can also diagnose and repair push to exit buttons that are broken or having issues.

electric strike door locks

Electric Strike Locks

Strike plates are located in the frame of a door and perform the simple task of catching and holding a door's latch when it closes, enabling it to be locked and secured. Standard strike plates require that the latch in the door itself retracts for the door to open, but an electric strike works differently. Through an access control system, an electric current is sent to the strike which unlocks the door by opening a latch that's built into the strike itself. Electric strikes are generally a fail-secure option that's common in apartment buildings, hotels, schools, and commercial buildings where you have to be buzzed in or given a pin number or keycard.

Discount Locksmith Services 

We also have discount pricing for making keys, key duplication, changing mailbox locks, installing deadbolts, upgrading and installing new high-security locks and garage door service. Our professional technicians are familiar with and can install and repair all lock types and brands such as Schlage, Kwikset, Mul-T-Lock, and more. We can also install and repair master locks, security locks and create master keys and master key systems for your home. Contact us for more information and to schedule service.

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  • Lock repair
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  • Business lock rekey
  • Wood door lock install
  • Metal door lock install
  • Deadbolt lock change
  • Master lock
  • Master key
  • Mailbox lock repair
  • Safe lockout

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